Maremma Livestock Guardian Dogs

About Our Maremma Sheepdog Livestock Guardians

Much like other old-world livestock guardian breeds, the Maremma is a livestock guardian dog hailing from Italy.  The MSCA has an excellent FAQ list about the Maremma breed here.

Our farm has chosen purebred Maremmas as our preferred livestock guardian dog (over, say, Anatolians, Great Pyrenees, etc.) for a number of reasons.  The dogs we have chosen to breed are more focused on the flock than wandering.  We live on a 5 acre ranchette and we want dogs that respect 4ft field fencing.  From the start, they are exposed to this fencing and are expected to acknowledge that their boundaries are limited by this fence. 

We also want dogs that have a good blend of being independent thinkers when a master is NOT around, but when we are around, the Maremmas have a strong instinct to stay near us and have a motivated sense of pleasing us.  In a lot of ways, we’ve had to change our tones with discipline because a harsh noise or a quick reminder of the rules is often all that is necessary for them to understand what pleases and displeases us. Our dogs may not be house dogs, but they have all the warmth and companionship drive of our other domestic breeds.

Lastly, Maremmas tend to be on the smaller side of the LGD breeds with males weighing approximately 100lbs and females weighing approximately 75lbs.  Some people prefer short-coated dogs for our Southeastern heat.  We have not had any issues with allergies or overheating with our dogs and find that with adequately accessible drinking water and shaded areas, they fare no worse than any other LGD breed here.

Our adult dogs and puppies are expected to behave respectfully in any pen we place them in.  Before leaving our farm, all of our dogs are exposed to ducks, chickens, geese, cats, dogs, children, people of different ethnicities, goats, and horses.  We expect them to remain respectfully observant of their stock and to not chase or play too roughly with them.  Our adults are experienced in this, but any puppy you purchase will require continued supervision and training once they leave our farm to ensure they are respectful of the stock and people at your farm.

Current Breeding Schedule

Poppy x Hawke delivered 9 healthy babies (5 girls, 4 boys) on December 27, 2021.  These babies are all reserved, but we invite you to participate in our free interest list available.  We anticipate the next litter to be planned for the first part of 2023.