Kidding Schedule

Currently Available:

Please contact us for wethers we may have available as pets!  We usually have a variety of gentle, disbudded, castrated male goats available at farmer’s markets or for private appointment.  Wethers don’t have that musky buck odor and are kind and gentle puppydog-type goats perfect for a cuddle buddy or family pet.  Price for our quality pet goats is $125.  Wethers come current on coccidia preventative, disbudded, vaccinated, and come from our CAE-negative herd.  We want your family’s experience with goats to be positive and work hard to provide healthy, friendly stock whether you buy a registered or unregistered goat from us.


2021/2022 Nigerian Dwarf Goat (Planned) Breedings:

Shadow Bear Farm Bellatrixie | Flat Rock’s Daisy’s Milkweed *B EDD: October 2021
Bucks: $— | Does: $350 | Wethers: $125

Flat Rock’s Jersey Knit | Cedar View Justus EDD: October 2021
Bucks: $400 | Does: $500 | Wethers: $125

Amber Valley PP Kendra | Zanzabeez TS Beluga Caviar EDD: October 2021
Bucks: $— | Does: $400 | Wethers: $125

Shadow Bear Farm CrystlHurican | Zanzabeez TS Beluga Caviar EDD: November 2021
Bucks: — | Does: $350 | Wethers: $125

Dragonfly AJ Tanzania | Zanzabeez TS Beluga Caviar EDD: November 2021
Bucks: — | Does: $450 | Wethers: $125

Planted Pines Bea Be Brown | Zanzabeez TS Beluga Caviar EDD: November 2021
Bucks: $450 | Does: $500 | Wethers: $125 

Novella Farm SM Reverie | Cedar View Justus EDD: November 2021
Bucks: $— | Does: $500 | Wethers: $125

Planted Pines Kenya | Cedar View Justus EDD: November 2021
Bucks: $— | Does: $450 | Wethers: $125

Flat Rock’s Peaches & Cream | xxx EDD: January 2022
Bucks: $450 | Does: $500 | Wethers: $125

  Sales Policies for Esperanza Meadows goats:

  • ADGA Registration: All doelings will be offered as registered stock unless otherwise stated.  The only bucklings that will stay intact are ones we feel have the potential to improve the breed as a whole and must be backed up with milk test data/udders, show wins, and linear appraisal scores.  Special financial consideration will be given to purchasers who have proof of participation in performance programs such as DHIR, LA, or showing at sanctioned events.
  • Deposits: We require 25% of the purchase price to hold the goat of your choosing with the balance due upon pickup of your goat. If the buyer does not go through with the sale, the deposit is forefeit.  We allow 60 days from the date of deposit to arrange transport or pickup, at which point we will either charge a daily board rate of $5/day (if communication has been made) or cancel the sale and retain the deposit (if we do not hear from you). We reserve the right to cancel a sale if we feel it is in the best interest of the animal.  If we choose to cancel the sale, the deposit will be promptly refunded.
  • Transportation: Farm pick up is strongly preferred but livestock transport can be arranged.  Keep in mind, many transporters do not come over the GA/FL border and/or may require extra funds to do so (the downside of being located on a peninsula).  Please contact us for more information. 
  • Health: All kids sold will be disbudded, received coccidia preventative, and will be tattooed prior to leaving our farm.  All adults sold will be current on any deworming necessary from fecal results and will be current on BoSe/Copper supplementation according to our Florida-based protocols.  Health certificates will be issued for an additional cost for goats traveling over state lines.  Due to the stress of transport and varying conditions outside of our farm, we do not provide health guarantees past this.  Our herd tested negative for CAE in 2018, 2019, and 2020.  Our next test will be done in July 2021.